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For the past couple months I have been nauseous before and after I eat. This isn't always constant, but it is definitely a daily issue for me. I have been diagnosed with Acid Reflux years ago, but the nausea has never gotten as sever as it has been lately. I am 27 years old, male, weight 234lbs, and am 5'11". What could cause nausea as often as I have it lately, and not having food in me and having food in me makes no difference? (I am not asking for diagnosis and I realize you aren't able to diagnose. I merely want a list/idea of possible reasons for these symptoms and in no way am I asking for diagnosis.)

I can give you a reasonable list, probably not all inclusive....

continued reflux

gallstones/gallbladder disease

pancreas problems

alcohol/cigarette abuse

food allergy/intolerance... such as lactose (milk product intolerance)

medicine side effects- if applicable

other digestive problems like celiac disease, crohn's disease

other local infection such as a urinary infection

I would see your doc and start working through these with them.....

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