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I have Sjogrens. About a year ago, my right submandibular gland had to be removed for chronic inflammation and pain. This was how I discovered I had Sjogrens. Well now, slightly under my ear and around the edge of the jaw line is, I am having pain. The pain is also somewhat in front of my ear too. Sometimes the pain feels like it radiates to my ear too. I'm already on Cipro for a UTI so if I had an infection somewhere wouldn't that take care of it? The inner cheek is a little swollen on that side too and the back molar feels pressure at times. More when I've just had liquids though than any other time.
I'm just trying to find out if this sounds like the parotid gland? It does calm down a little when I apply an ice pack.

You are at risk of repeat parotid or other gland infection... one test is to suck on a dill pickle or a piece of sour candy.... if it makes it  hurt worse, I would worry about a parotid infection.

I would also consider a dental infection, sometimes a sinus infection or scar tissue from previous surgery.

Good luck with it.....

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