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Dr Borucki,

On early Monday morning,  Ihad sex with my girlfriend(20 seconds unprotected) then later in the morning I got a blowjob for about 5-10 minutes. After the blowjob I went to the bathroom and noticed that the tip of my penis around the urethra was a bright red. Later in the day and into Tuesday, the redness went down but the opening of my urethra still seemed swollen. I've attached two pictured and just had a few questions.

1.) While receiving the blowjob I did at time feel like her teeth were scrapping me gently bit didn't think much of it. Possible cause?

2.) When I start to finish(come), she moves her mouth just to the head of the penis and begins to suck mor vigorously. Could this have broken vessels/capillaries causing redness and swelling?

3.) Overall I'm not too worried because I noticed this immediately after the blowjob. Is that safe to assume?

Also Ishould add I've been checked for stds before we started dating and she did as well, so theoretically should both be clean.

The pictures don't really help.... they look pretty normal....  there are a lot of blood vessel and blood volume changes during erection and after.... if things calmed down in an hour or two, shouldn't be anything to worry about.....  if it persists... it might be reasonable to check for chlamydia....

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