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Glans rash
Glans rash  

Glans rash2
Glans rash2  
Hello, I am 42, not circumcised, in a monogamous relationship, and both her and I have not had sex with anyone else for many years. Occasionally, after sex, I get this red rash/spots/bumps on the glans of my penis.  They do not hurt or sting in any way, and they usually go away after a day or so. They don't affect any other area of my penis, they don't appear on the shaft or foreskin, only the glans. It doesn't happen all the time, in fact it's only once in a while.  Usually after oral sex, but not always. But I am curious about what could be causing this.
Are they anything I should be concerned with?  I have put neosporin on it occasionally when it happens.

for it to last that short, it sounds like an allergic response or inflammatory response..... I might try a little steroid antifungal cream on that area...... sometimes it is easy to get moisture trapped there because of the foreskin....... could try a little monistat and hydrocortisone creams.....

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