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QUESTION: I was wondering if it is common for someone to feel ill and go to the doctors to have tests done, and be put on anti biotics following the appointment only to have the tests come back normal, and the doctor basically considers it a closed case without having made any diagnosis of what the problem might have been (assuming it is over)?

ANSWER: You have kept the details pretty vague, making it tough to come up with a generalization.......     for example, young children, less than 3 months, with a fever are often covered with antibiotics during a febrile illness, only to stop if the cultures all come back negative.   If you are asking about the appropriateness of a specific situation, then you need to provide more details.......

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QUESTION: I've mentioned it before in previous questions, but I thought I might have contracted an STD when I started feeling a burning in my penis almost right after sex. I got a whole battery of tests done to see if I'd gotten something and they all came back negative. The antibiotic did seem to help, but I still have strange painful feelings in my penis throughout most days, and particularly after I ejaculate. I have since made an appointment with a urologist. I called after I'd been told the test results and the nurse said the doctor had taken any kind of notes regarding a diagnosis of what it could be. She later called back at my request with what I assume is an unoffical suggestion that it might have been prostatitis. Is it normal to not get a diagnosis even if 95% of the time a general anti-biotic will clear something up?

ANSWER: There arent good ways to absolutely diagnose prostatitis, so when other tests for stds are negative, we presume and treat as prostatitis

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QUESTION: Well my concern is he didn't tell me what he thought it might be, and just sent me a letter saying he'd see me at my next exam without mentioning anything about if the pains came back. So after only 7 days of antibiotic he basically considered me treated. From doing some reading if it were prostatitis it would likely be no less than a month on drugs and maybe some other therapies as well. And there are three varieties of prostatitis with little understand as to what causes them. I keep thinking that because I'm on medicaid he tries to spend as little time on each person's case as possible.

that is a concern, because you deserve an explanation of what the thought process is in your medical plan.    There are a few possibilities, one is an STD that was not picked up on your testing and certainly prostatitis is a consideration.  I would work towards getting more information and/or a re-evaluation....  

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