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Hey doc. I was having some stomach discomfort, and strange looking objects in my stool for about 9 months. I thought I may have parasites due to my frequent travels abroad. Im otherwise health but do take zantac daily for heartburn.I went to a Gastro and he did lab work ( CBC, CMP and some other labs) and a stool sample. The results were normal with the exception of “steatorrah” ( high fecal fat). He sent me for a abdominal CT scan with contrast. The CT was normal. No follow up was requested. I was just curious if you were familiar with this condition. Thanks!

Well, I am not sure what condition this is yet.....    I need more information.    Steatorrhea can be from diet or a digestion problem.    Pancrease problems, gall bladder problems, and some others.  You didn't really describe the strange looking things either.... is it diarrhea, pellets, long stringy worm things, etc.   Have you had fever, actual pain, weight loss..... other things that make it a little more worrisome.   Where were you traveling?   London is one thing, Africa or India is another.   

The good news is you are already hooked up with a GI specialist...... If it isn't improving, get them motivated to do more tests.      

I would consider a low fat diet for a week and a recheck of stool for fat to see if that is real or if it is diet related.  

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