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Hi I am having pain in my left side. It is a cramping spasm and stabbing pain. I don't have my appendix anymore. I had my appendix taken out about 7-8 years ago. They were twisted and growing in my stomach wall when I had them taken out. I have had all testings done on my stomach and X-rays everytime it comes back normal. I really don't want to go to the ER for them to say well we have no idea what is wrong with you. My GI doctor has done an endoscopothy and a colonoscopy everything came back normal. She thinks I may have gallbladder spasms but she can't confirm it. She has done all the testings that she can on my gallbladder and that has came back normal also. My left side feels inflamed like it could explode at anytime and I have felt it get worse and worse this week. Any suggestions on what this could be. Thanks.

You keep mentioning left side but gallbladder and appendix are on the right in almost all people.... It sounds like you have had a good evaluation.....   if they are still suspecting gallbladder, sometimes a HIDA scan (nuclear medicine test for the gallbladder may help)   This could also be some scar tissue developing from the previous appendix surgery.  Good luck with everything.

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