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It was explained on Dr. Oz, but I forgot why it is better to eat more fat than sugar which will turn into fat? Something to do with the timing of it? What would make fat better than sugar?

I didn't see the show, but in general, it is best to have a balanced diet.... but excess of either is not in your best interest..... excess sugars will be processed into fats/cholesterol and stress the body into producing more insulin which leads to more metabolic abnormalities....   in someone on the adkins diet, excess fats in the absence of sugars leads to fat reduction and ultimately lowering of insulin levels which may benefit a person in terms of lower cholesterol and other bad metabolic pathways.....

moderation is the key.... no excess of either and more fats from non-meat sources, lower in saturated fats is beneficial but it is tough to take one sentence out of the whole discussion and make sense of it without the whole story...... I hope this helps.

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