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Hi I have two questions. Question one. I had gotten an ingrown toe nail on my big toe  a few days ago. So I pulled it out a few days later now my toe is twice it's size and red. It also leaks puss. I have squoze it and white stuff comes out and then it gets to a point of it hurts to mic and I can't squeeze it anymore. Is their anything that I can do for this toe. Also is their a way to drain it so the swelling goes down some. My whole toe is red and hot. My next question. I have two bumps on my butt. They are hot and painful. My brother has MRSA and lives with us. The doctor says he is a carrier and that I could not get it. The bumps are big. I squoze them and white puss came out and it stunk and so did blood. I got one of them down the other one is down but under the skin it feels like a ball. And when you push it it is hard and it hurts. Could this maybe just be a cyst and not MRSA. If I get another flare up I will go in and get checked. Thanks.

With a history of MRSA exposure and some butt lesions, along with an ingrown infected toe, you need to be evaluated and at least put on antibiotics.   If the toe requires it, a partial nail removal to stop the process will help also..... I wouldn't wait any more.....

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