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It's me again
The woman with the art I did last week , the woman with eye problem(uveitis) and blood work up negative, the woman with vaginal skin infection u think I came to conclusion I have herpes grassy news isn't .
So dear doctor I have question if you don't mind
Is this herpes going to cause me any further problems or desease ?
Can this genital herpes be the cause of my idiopathic uveitis ?
What are my option of treatments? The nurse talked about 2 types of medication one I take daily and the other one I take it when I have an outbreak , which do u advice ? What are the side effects , will the medication helps? Will my uveitis go away if I take the medication ?
Will I be able to have healthy kids
Advice please
Your helpless unknown  online patient
Thank you

ANSWER: First, have you confirmed that you have genital herpes?   and does the eye problem relate.... have you seen an eye doctor to see if the two are related?  That would be my first step.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Yes I do go to eye to follow and monitor my eye , did alots of tests for immune system desease all negatives
I just find out I have herpes today cause I did a scrap last week and it came positive for herpes could be a false positive , are the scrap thing 100% acurate?
Well my eye doctor doesn't know I have herpes which I will tell her next time i see her and I don't know if the uveitis I have it's caused by the herpes
So what are yr answers for my other questions
Thank you

a scraping and culture for herpes is pretty accurate, so I would assume it is positive.   A blood test is less reliable since there is crossover with cold sores (oral herpes)

Definitely let your eye doctor know about the diagnosis of herpes...... if he thinks it is related, that is a different treatment plan.  

I hope this helps.

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