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79 yr. old female.   last 6 months, repetitive chills, unwell feeling, break out in cold sore. These symptoms go away next day except cold sore and re-appear about 2 weeks later. It seems to be a cycle, symptoms a day or two, cold sore, fine, just the cold sore. It heals up and the cycle returns about 2 or 3 weeks later.
Never goes beyond chills and cold sore.  No sore throat, just congested nose feeling and runny nose, which goes away with other symptoms.  I have an LBBB, and 2 small leaky valves, but not on any meds. Why so many episodes??

Cold sores are viral illnesses, so when someone is getting recurrent sores it questions whether their immune system is functioning properly...... I would see your primary doctor and discuss it with them and get some basic blood count tests for a start...... I hope this helps.

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