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Hello Doc,

4 weeks ago I had surgery for a Deviated Septum. 12 days post op I ended up getting a fever that lasted roughly 7 days. Fever Broke, but my labs indicated that my Liver Enzymes were elevated. My ALT was 136 and AST was 75. the Doctor Tested me for MONO and it was negative. 4 days later, he did another MONO test and LFT. The MONO came back Positve and my ALT and AST raised again, 241 and 101.. He ordered more labs(ANA, CERULOPLASIM, Total Iron, Ferritin, CBC, HEP A/B/C Panel and CMV AB).

Today, my ANA AB Came back positive, with a Titer of 1:80, Homogeneous pattern. My CBC was normal, total Iron was normal, CERULOPLASMIN was High at 41(Normal 18-36) and Im still waiting for the rest of the results.

Medication I took in the past 4 weeks include Amoxicillin for 10 days, Omnicef for 4 days, Tylenol and ibuprofen. I also took 6 NORCO.

So, my question is, With a POSITIVE MONOSPOT, ANA and elevated liver function, is this all related to the Mononucleosis?

very likely.... mono can elevate enzymes in the liver..... that is self limiting.... will get better on it's own and I would probably recheck in a month.    The ceruloplasmin doesn't matter...... and you can't make sense of an ana during an acute illness.  

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