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Hi I recently had surgery. They removed my gallbladder 11/20/13. I was having upper left and right abdominal pain and had been through lots of testing and retesting. They redid a hida scan on the gallbladder the first time was 2011 they did one final one on November 5 2013. This time I had pain when they injected the fluid in me. The first time I had it done I was fine. I was just naseous. So my surgeon said it is not really something you need if you have to live on pain medicines everyday such as dilaudid and Percocet. So he said let's remove it. I was on dilaudid for 1 month as well as Percocet. So I had the surgery done everything went good no problems. Friday night. I took a shower and my belly button was bleeding I guess I tore a stitch when I took the bandage out. So I cleaned it covered it and that was it. Saturday night my bladder was hurting and my belly button was oozing fluid. I called the doctor he said it sounded infected it was also swollen. So he wrote me medicine for ciprofloxacin 500mg 2 times a day for a week. I started that Saturday night. Sunday I changed the padding and it was oozing still and I was still having bladder pain. Monday I called him he told me to come in for Tuesday. When I changed the pad Sunday night it was oozing white puss and it was hurting so bad it was making me naseous. So I went to him Tuesday he checked it out said I tore a stitch in the belly button but said that was not the cause of the infection. He stuck his finger inside my belly button and I thought I was going to hit him that was how bad it hurt. He said that I needed to change the pad 3-4 times a day so it would soak up the drainage and not sit wet. Wendesday I woke up did what he wanted me to now it is oozing white fluid a lot. It is nasty. The belly button is red on the outside and inside. I whiper the oozing out then repack it after I put neosporeon in. My belly button hurts and makes me so naseous at night time. I get extremely naseous at night. Is this normal. I know it has to drain but it draining white puss does not seem right to me along with redness around and inside the belly button. I am also swollen in my belly I have noticed that. Other then that the surgery went good. Also I had gotten a bump that popped up on my butt cheeck it was hugh. It busted today. It leaked like a milky brown fluid and I got at least 5 tissues full of puss and stuff out. It was nasty. Not sure if somehow this could be linked. My brother has MRSA. He is a carrier. His doctor assured us that we could not get it from him. So I am just curious. Thanks.

Complicated issue.... the butt lesion is probably mrsa, if it has drained and improving ,then no problem, if it is still red and painful, you may need a different antibiotic at least.  

The belly button infection is a superficial skin infection.... that should slowly improve with dressing changes, but with your history of MRSA exposure, it might require a different antibiotic like septra or clindamycin or doxycycline.   

If you develop vomiting or fever, you need an immediate recheck.

Hope this helps.

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