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I had a septoplasty and turbinate reduction 18 days ago. Was put on 10 days of Amoxicillin and Hydrocodone as needed for pain. about 6 days ago, I started coming down with a fever(101). I also noticed a big canker sore on my tonsil. I took Ibuprofen and hydrocodone(Every 4 hours from eachother/staggered) to reduce the fever. The fever would break, as I had profuse sweating, but a few hours later, the fever would rise again. I scheduled a follow up with the surgeon 4 days ago. He said the Sinuses and surgery site looked great, but I could have a throat infection. So he prescribed me Omnifor and prednisone. So 4 days later(Today) I have still been dealing with a fever off and on plus sweating spells, so I decided to go to urgent care. They done a Strep and Flu swab, which was negative, but a couple of my numbers where off on the CMP blood test. Here are my results that where out of range:

CHLORIDE 97(L) Range 98-107
CALCIUM 8.2(L) Range 8.6-10.2
ALT(SGPT) 128(H)Range 0-41
AST(SGOT) 84(H) Range 0-40
MCHC 34.9(H) Range 32.5-34.8
GRAN% 81.3(H) Range 40.1-76.4
LYMPH% 13.4(L) Range 14.8-45.8

My levels where normal 7 months ago. Could my liver enzymes be elevated because of the hydrocodone or antibiotics? I have yet to take the prednisone, as it could damage my liver more. Any rememdies to get these levels back down? I have no family history of liver disease, but I am overweigh(Male, 5'7 213lbs) Any help would be appreciated.

The hydrocodone wont elevate enzymes.... could be antibiotic, but I would look for other liver issues... too much alcohol, sometimes the gas for anesthesia or viral illnesses.... for now, take the antibiotics and get seen for followup this week... the liver tests may have nothing to do with yhis illness though.....

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