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Hi my daughter is 21 about 120lbs and 5'6. She went to the dr. at her university,because she was tired. The did a dip stick test in the office and it came back saying she had blood and protein in her urine and her blood work came back as anemic b12 defience high cholesterol. and also says she has high blood pressure where as she has always had her blood pressure in th low range. they sent a urine test out to have a complete urinalysis done. this came back saying she has casts in he urine and she said the dr seemed very concerned. she sent a referral to see a kidney specialist and to have a ultra sound done. do these things mean she has a kidney disease? and what are casts? and how can they kidney mess up all her things like high cholesterol anemic and b12? about a month and a half a go he blood work came back fine. ohh and she is getting bad muscle cramping and twicthing it keeps her up at night ad even happens on her head. Thanks for your time and any info would be great as she is far from home right now and im worried

I am not as concerned about casts in the urine, moreso about the B12 deficiency.... that needs to be confirmed and then treated..... I would expect B12, if present, and then treated properly, will resolve the anemia and then re-evaluate the other issues.  I don't know what was checked a month and a half ago, but it is likely the anemia and B12 problems were present then.    Hope this helps....

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