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I am a 33 year old male who is having a few health issues but mainly in good health.
First issue I have is for the past 2-3 years I have been dealing with a tightness/dull ache in my right groin/hip area. There isnít really any pain but just a very annoying tightness and pulling feeling. The tightness moves from groin to hip area and sometimes near the scrotum area as well. My right hip lately has been making a clicking noise when I move it in certain positions but no pain. I do not have any bulges or anything as in a hernia, I do a self check all the time.
Second issue I have started 3 months ago, my scrotum has been very tight lately. Its like my scrotum pushes my testicles up and make it very umcomfortable but no pain. I can not sit flat on my butt it feels too uncomfortable doing that. When my scrotum gets tight it gets red and wrinkly but usually most of the tightness is on my right side of my scrotum but sometimes it switches to the left side. Most of the day its very tight especially if I have to go to the bathroom as in number 2 and my scrotum sac seems to be very cold and my penis too. After I go its still pretty tight, seems to be worse in the morning and early afternoon. But late afternoon and night time it seems to loosen up. Only way it seems to loosen up is when I drink alcohol and not saying I drink all the time or anything and when I use these rubber rings that I put above my scrotum right below the penis shaft I think there mainly used for penis or scrotum rings. Lately also I have been trying scrotum and penis stretches to see if it helps and sometimes it does. It kinda feels that my scrotum when is tightens up that the sac is too small for my testicles. Oh I do have a cyst on my right testicle had it checked out and its fine. I do also get a tightness ache behind underneath my testicles in my scrotum  sac towards the perenium to my anal region. I do have stomach issues IBS and I go number 2 a lot and the more I go the more the anal/colon area hurt, either coming from my colon or sometimes it feels it could be my prostate. Lately it seems that my penis doesnít achieve getting as hard and it usually does and sometimes I feel an ache in the perenium/prostate area after I ejaculate. I think thatís all I can think of the issues I am having but PLEASE PLEASE help this is driving me crazy and I am tired of dealing with these issues!!!
Last thing I was recently seen by a urologist I had a prostate exam and that was ok but he did say my prostate seems like its open or out if that makes any sense. He checked my scrotum and testicles and he only found that I had an infection called Orchitis Epididymitis so prescribed me cipro for 3 weeks. I took it and it seemed to help a little bit but then it stopped working. I also had a ultra sound of my testicles a few weeks ago and my urologist said the results came back normal besides my cyst but he said its noting to worry about. I had my cyst since I was little, not sure if it got bigger but if it did maybe a little bit over the years. He also checked me for a hernia and he did not find anyting. SO ANYBODY have any idea of whats going on with me?????..Iím going out of my mind here!!!!I..Is there anyway me stretching my scrotum and penis can harm me???..I had the tightness way before I started the stretchesÖ

clicking in the hip sounds like some bursitis or arthritis.....   I would try some motrin type medicine and see if that will calm down, if not, get it checked.

The scrotum problem.....    I am not sure what

"and when I use these rubber rings that I put above my scrotum right below the penis shaft I think there mainly used for penis or scrotum rings"

means, but I would hold off on this for now and see if it helps.... you have already been evaluated by the urologist so nothing big is wrong....   stretching won't damage anything unless you do it too aggressively, but typicallyl stretching isn't needed and probably won't do much of anything......  

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