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hi, I have a lump in my very lower back/upper buttocks area that feels rubbery and rolls around when moved. I just first noticed it so do not know how long it has been there.  It feels sort of egg shaped but smaller than an egg. When I look up pilonidal cyst, it does not seem like it would be that because it is not pimple like and you cannot even see it, you can only feel it.  I am in between insurances right now and am hoping to go a  month without seeing a doctor so just wondering if this is something that can wait to be seen.  I might mention I do have a history of colorectal cancer 5.5 years ago.  had a 3 cm malignant polyp with one node positive. went through chemo and radiation and as far as I have known, have been cancer free ever since.  so I am wondering if there is any chance this is something that could be a side effect of radiation or could it be a new tumor or does it sound like a cyst or something? Thanks.

people can have lipomas, benign fatty tumors in that area.... it could be a pilonidal or other kind of cyst.  A rubbery moveable lump sounds less like anything to do with the colon cancer.... if it isn't hurting or the skin doesn't have any overlying changes, you have some time to get it looked at.   Today is your last day to sign up for health insurance that would go into effect on January 1st, and with your history.... I would get it..... I would get on the website and look and see if it is available to you..... don't get discouraged by all the propaganda......  

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