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I occasionally experience an outbreak of herpes on my sacral area, which is what is going on right now. This winter it seems as if as soon as an outbreak clears up another one starts and I begin another 3 day course of Valtrex. So actually I have 2 questions 1)Is it OK to get the shingles vaccination while on Valtrex and having a herpes attack? and 2) Is there any particular reason why the herpes attacks have been almost nonstop this winter? I am 60 years old, in good health and not immunocompromised. Thank you!

I would wait for an in between outbreaks to get it, although there is no specific data on the issue and I would not be taking Valtrex during and for a few weeks after the shingles shot......

why more outbreaks.... we don't really know... it may pay to go on low dose Valtrex for a few months 500-1000 mg per day......    

Hope this helps.

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