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QUESTION: Hi I had gallbladder surgery on 11-20-13. My gallbladder was inflammed. So all that went ok it was lyproscopothy. I did fun until 11-23-13 my belly button was hurting and it was draining and my bladder was hurting. My surgeon said it sounded like an infection and started me on ciprodex 500mg 2 a day for a week. So I took it Monday my belly button was draining thick white puss. So I went and seen him Tuesday he was wanting to check me over. He cleaned the belly button out said he thinks it was infected but that the medicine would take a few days to work. So I did as he said he told me to clean it out and change the pad 4 times a day so it would not sit and get dirty or infected. All the other problems cleared up I only had drainage out of my belly button. No pain in the sides anymore once the gallbladder was removed. So Thursday I noticed that things were getting worse. I had more drainage then usual and I was having pain in my upper left abdomen. It is a cramping pain it hurts more at night time and my stomach is swollen big time. When I breath it hurts it feels like a stabbing cramping pain. So I waited until Friday. I woke up I had the same thing more puss then usual swelling pain and on top of that I had joint pain in my knee. My knee keep giving out. It was my left knee. I looked on the side of my left knee and it had a bump with a black head and it was swollen. So I went to the ER the ER examined my belly and said that it looks like I had a pocket in my stomach that is causing the puss and it would be a week or two before it stops. They did a ct scan with contrast and said that it was abscessed in the belly button. They were not sure why I had pain back in the left side again. They looked at the bump on the side of my knee and said I had MRSA he popped it and covered it. He said that might be part of my stomach drainage to. He put me on doxicycline 100mg 2 a day for 10 days. He can't put me on sulfa meds because I get Steven Johnson's from it and I am allergic to pennicyline so he did not give me keflex. He said I could take keflex but he wanted to wait until all testing came back and see what happens. My main question to you is I had my gallbladder taken out for pain in the upper left and right side. Now that I have the pain in the left side back almost a week later what could cause it and what else is their left on the left side. I have no gallbladder or appendix. I also have a bladder pacemaker I had that put in at the end of September. I had a bump on my but  2 weeks after it was put in which is when I think I got the MRSA. I popped that and it went away it drained a lot. I had it reappear Tuesday after I saw the surgeon. I sat down Wendesday and it busted I squeezed that all out. It flared up again after I went to the ER last night so I re popped it again. It drained a lot out. I am so afraid of my bladder pacemaker getting infected with MRSA. If it does do they have to cut it out and take the pacemaker out. If so how long do I have to wait before it can be reinstalled. It has worked so well for me. I have a neurogenic bladder . I know it is a lot of information but I am curious. Thanks for taking your time to help me. Thanks.

ANSWER: So far, the treatment sounds good... If that hardware got infected, then it must be gone prior to reimplantation..... Probably several weeks.

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QUESTION: Ok as for the upper left pain. It always hits the worse at night time. It feels like a stabbing cramping and hurts like a 10 pain. I am taking Percocet and that is not even cutting the pain. The gallbladder was taken out because I was having upper left and right abdomen pain. It was fine for a week no pain now a week later I have upper left pain that is terrible. What else could be the cause. I don't have an appendix that was gone when I was 8 which was on my right side. Which makes no difference. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopthy this year they came back normal. Thanks.

Not sure.... I would check the urine to make sure there isn't a urinary infection.   Intestinal infections can cause pain on that side.   I assume there are not any respiratory symptoms like cough, fever.... a lower left pneumonia can cause pain there..... good luck with it.

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