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Hi there. My husband told me that he feels very irritable after he eats things like rice. He said that he feels very angry and annoyed. But as long as he does not eat it then he feels fine. He has done an allergy test and the doctor told him to stay away from fried foods. I just want to understand this aggression that he feels after eating. I am not asking for a diagnosis- i just want to understand. If you have any information on this please let me know.


I doubt if there is a specific chemical, but I would wonder what his blood sugar is doing through all of this... if his sugar goes up a little, the body reacts and it goes down a little too low, he may get irritable.  

I would wonder about any carbohydrates with this, not just rice.

An easy way to tell is to get multiple half hourly blood sugars from before a meal with rice, to several hours later to prove or disprove my theory......

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