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Can you give me a clue what I'm suffering from?  
Initially had severe gastrointestinal virus with
swollen and severely painful lymph nodes, vertigo, shaking all night, and a fever about 2 1/2 months ago.  I've had all the blood work come back normal, and had almost every kind of test, including a stool culture and parasite test.  They never did a spinal tap though.  

My acute ongoing symptoms

Muscle spasms in arms, legs,
abdomen, and neck.  
Muscle twitching
Muscle burning
Joint burning, dryness, brittleness
Tendons weak and rubbing over bone/popping

Headaches in eyes and back of head
Must rest my head on something

Sensitivity to light, dry eyes
Bags under eyes.

Neck and bodily flinching
Stiffness in neck and between shoulder blades

Feel like I always have to clench
the right side of my body, like plueresy pain

Weight loss, little muscle tone
Feel like I lose muscle upon too much
physical exertion.  Not digesting food

Shaking, burning, and queasy in entire
lower abdomen,RUQ,neck and back
Sometimes relieved by having a BM,
but contunues to burn afterwards

Trouble sleeping for more than 2-3 hours due
to shaking body, nausea, muscle pain
Eyes very red and don't close all the way
Wake up to drink water.  

Pain worse in right side of body and in right
side of face.  Pain in right ear.

numbness in hands and left upper lip/face

Extremely dry chapped lips (have had my whole life)
Plantar Fascitis (since age 18)
Back and tendon problems (my whole life)

Stools alternate between loose and constipated,
never had black and hard yellow flecks when wiping before
before this all began. Is yellow or dark brown in color,
has a scraped appearance upon coming out, sometimes with mucous. (they never used to look like that, they were round and smooth before I got sick, not scraped, light and fluffy, diarhea, or strangely formed)

Gallbladder and appendix removal 3 weeks ago

Lab showed inflamed gallbladder with some scarring.
Appendix was normal.     

Splotchiness on top of hands
Red rash continues over liver area.

Always feel better after having a meal that settled well.
Feel better when moving around, sitting or lying down
magnifies the symptoms.

Always feel better after having blood drawn and then
getting an IV

Always feel dehydrated (dry eyes, joints, mouth, etc)
even though I'm drinking.

My most severe symptoms are
shaking, pain in abdomen and RUQ, and right side of abdomen,
"nausea in intestines and stomach (super bad!)" and from neck and back, acid reflux,
muscle pain, weakness, fatigue,
headaches, painful bowels and bowel
movements.  Difficulty eating and sleeping.
Neuropathy symptoms.  Burning and pain,
in buttox down by rectum.  Dry, burning and popping joints and
tendons. Feel sick, panicky, and confused upon waking up.

just a couple of thoughts....

I assume you had normal thyroid tests.  These symptoms were before you had your gallbladder out.  

I would check thyroid and a sed rate to see if there is an inflammatory process.  These are difficult to pinpoint sometimes and may take a referral to a specialist.....

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