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Is this common?
My hubby is 55.He doesnt have have diabetes (yet), but there is a family history. He does have the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.He is overweight with a huge belly-the rest is normal.He can only shrink his belly if I keep his daily carb intake under 50 grams, which is extremely low. Thats OK I he doesnt crave carbs much anyway, and he fills up on fruits and veggies and lean meat. He feel a lot better generally too-less gas, overall inflammation, etc.
I used to think he had a thyroid problem or slow metabolism but our doctor says he is OK in that regard.
Your thoughts appreciated!

if his huge belly remains, he is eating too many carbs..... he may be missing some that he isn't tracking.

metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, obesity is a huge problem..... the first order of business would be for him to commit to a diet and all the successful diets these days are focusing around low carbs..... he should cut his carbs back to the point that he starts losing the gut.  

The Adkins Diet Revolution is an old paperback now but with excellent information.   There are many similar diets available.......

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