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I am 27 and have recently been diagnosed with Gastritis and Esophagitis. I spit up a little bit of blood and was admitted to the hospital and they did an endoscopy and saw the Gastritis and Esophagitis. They let me go the next day with nexium prescription. I have had acid reflux for years. I am worried and scared right now. Is Gastritis and Esophagitis deadly or just a nuisance?

it can be a big problem for a couple of reasons....  if someone develops barrets esophagus, that puts them at higher risk of esophagus cancer.  You spit up a little blood... sometimes people spit up a lot of blood if they get a bad attack.

The biggest problems with esophagitis/gastritis, gerd are excessive alcohol use, cigarettes, NSAID use (goody powders, advil, alleve and others) and being overweight.  

Look at the above risk factors and suppress the acid with one of the appropriate gerd meds.......

Good luck with everything

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