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I am a 22 year old female. For about 3 weeks I have been having a dull aching pain in my left flank (more towards my side/lower back area) and pain under my left rib radiating just left of my naval. Even more disconcerting is the pain i get intermittently all the way down my left arm which is more of an ache/pulsating pain although it isn't horrendous pain by any stretch. I do have history of UTI's but have been disptick tested and nothing.

I could be far off the mark but could it be a problem with my spleen? I'm only 22 and have never had any unusual diseases or infections etc. it's just the pain constantly in my left flank, under my rib and this arm pain which confuses me. I do have aches in my upper left back aswell.

I have no obvious tenderness pain and the pain is there all day not triggered by eating or anything, just always there. I can sleep on it bizarrely but the minute i wake up until going to sleep i have this deep aching pain in my left side/lower back and less intensely under my left rib...

What do you think? Please help


I would still wonder about UTI, possible kidney stone...  dipstick is not a perfect test.  Unlikely a primary spleen problem....  could also be a little bit of a strain.  I don't know if you have a history of period problems but a gynecological cause is a possibility.... good  luck with everything.... get it looked at....

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