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Hello, I have a question about a test I had done. It was a esophagram with a upper GI. It showed  hypertrophic gastritis. I am a 49 female with a BMI of 23. I have taken a jar of tums, 2 Prilosec a day, and a jar of chalky drink that is suppose to help acid. Nothing helps. I am nauseated in the morning right before I get up and I have a stomach that aches all day. If I eat anything that is hard to digest boom I have a lot of pain.

My question is what is hypertrophic gastritis? What can I do about it? I have had kidney cancer, would that effect my stomach? Thank you for your time.

HG is a weird condition where the glandular cells of the stomach can enlarge.  On one hand, we want to block acid with drugs like Prilosec, but on the other hand, blocking the acid with those drugs may hormonally stimulate the glands a little bigger......   

I would stop the tums, try Gaviscon chew tabs, 2 at bedtime and as needed.  Continue the Prilosec for now and look for foods that may aggravate the condition.

Other aggravating factors..... alcohol use, nicotine use.

Hope this helps.....

another option is to see a GI specialist who has an interest in this condition.... it is relatively rare.

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