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For the last couple of months I get a feeling of indigestion, I think, its in my chest area though, feels like I have just eaten a too heavy meal, and I don't eat heavy meals, it can be any time of day, or in the middle of the night, the pain radiates into my back, and almost sort of up into my throat, sorry its hard to explain.  I never have had problems with indigestion before, able to eat anything I want, without any discomfort or indigestion etc. Sometimes I actually feel sick with it too.

I have MVP, PSVT and SVES, high blood pressure, I take Losartin 100mg and Atenolol 25mg.

Is this just indigestion? Should I talk with my doctor about this?  As you can see with so many problems already I feel a bit of a nuisance with adding more!

Thanks for any help

definitely talk to your doc..... I don't know what testing you had to prove you don't have coronary disease (artery blockages in the heart) but that would be the first thing I want to disprove, also other causes of chest pain, other than simply MVP or reflux.   Talk to your doc's about this promptly.

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