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I know that this questions should be asked to an ENT doctor but there are no ENT doctors on this website.  I went to the ER last Friday with an ingrown hair that had abscessed on the inside of my nose.  The doctor gave me antibiotics etc. for that problem.  When he was checking both nostrils for differences, he seen a bump on the inside of my left nostril.  He then numbed the nostril and stuck the bump with a two inch needle which he pushed almost all the way into my face.  He then started to draw blood out into the syringe and filled it up (5CC syringe).  He then filled up half of another one.  He told me that he has no idea what could of caused it and he didn't tell me if it was just a pocket of blood or if it was a sinus cavity that had blood in it.  He gave me a consult to see an ENT doctor.  Since I live in the Washington D.C. area, it is near impossible to get an appointment and I tried to find some information online but found nothing.  What could this be? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Wow.....  5 cc of blood out of the nose....  I suspect he hit one of the blood vessels in the nose and was just drawing blood out of it.  You didn't have a cyst that had 5 cc of blood in the nose and no ER physician is going to stick a needle in the sinus cavity.    It sounds like you had a small abscess inside the nose and in trying to drain it, he got a small blood vessel.  There are a lot in the nose (hence sometimes bad nosebleeds) but with antibiotics and time, these problems usually heal up.   I would work towards an ENT appt but it is more likely this will be resolved by the time you get there.  I would use doxicycline or septra as an antibiotic personally.

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