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Hi, I have had this case for over 3 months.  I about 2 weeks ago (Feb 3rd) got a shot of Prednisone followed by a daily pill(s) 5 for first 3 days, then 4 for thee days, then 3 for 3 days, excetra...  They have been quite helpfull, However, I am now down to the 2 pill a day dose for three days and the poison Ivy has started to erupt yet again...  it started a couple af days ago. So what is the next step???  Do I start another round of Prednisone or what...  Ok now, but had over 60% body covered and several areas are begining to show signs of yet another break out.

Please advise!

did you roll around in it?  60% of your body is impressive.....

Typically if this is poison ivy, I wind up treating someone for 12 days or so.... the short 6 day courses are not adequate, however the initial shot should extend that.

I would wonder if there is another condition and not simply poison ivy causing this (eczema/psoriasis) or others.

For now, I would take another course of prednisone for 12 days but if it doesn't go away or does come back, then get a dermatologist to give an opinion.

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