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Hello, I have a question I'm hoping you can answer.

Hurricane Sandy knocked over a bunch of my trees, and when I cut them up and started moving the trunks I found a dead skunk - the falling tree must have killed it.  This was of course months ago in October.

So, I was waiting for the ground to soften so I could dig a hole and bury it, but the smell recently started getting so bad that I dug a 2-ft. hole tonite in the front yard and buried it - a nasty process due to the smell.

But, while I was digging the hole with the shovel (that I had already picked up the skunk with 2 days ago), some dirt from the shovel flew up into my mouth and of course I spit it out.   Do you think there's any risk that I could have gotten rabies from this?  or am I worried over nothing?  what if anything should I do from here....

thanks in advance for your time,


Well, the good news is the test of time has proven you healthy.... I think Sandy was October so that is 5 months ago......  so you are fine.

Overall, that is a pretty low risk exposure in general.... higher risk would be a skin break with the animal's saliva.

Basically at this point, you are fine.... no problems.....

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