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In May of 2009 I thought I was pregnant, until a 2.5" ovarian dermoid cyst tipped my left ovary long enough that I had to have it removed in emergency surgery.  Lately I've been feeling the same things as I did - tender breasts, morning sickness, smelling EVERYTHING, what feels like constant cramps so faint they're barely noticeable...but test after test says I'm not pregnant.  My question is, how likely is it that my remaining ovary could have a dermoid cyst on it?  Am I more prone to getting more cysts since I now have a "history" of them?  I currently have the Paragard coil in as BC.  I have state insurance (NV) and pretty much no one will take my insurance unless I'm already pregnant, otherwise I'd just go to the doctor.  I'm terrified to feel that pain again, but I'd like to have an expert's opinion on if this is just in my head or if there's a higher chance that something could be wrong, since a doctor's appointment will be paid out of pocket.

First, check a pregnancy test again using a first morning urine sample.... those yield the best results, although pregnancy is unlikely.   Then if those symptoms persist, I would look at other hormone possibilities like low thyroid.  You shouldn't be getting repeat dermoid cysts.  Ovarian cysts can recur easily.... unlikely you will get recurrent dermoid ovarian cysts.

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