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What are good or healthy "scores" for the following tests? PSA, A1C, (I am a diabetic), cholesterol, and blood pressure (both numbers)? Yes, I get regular checkups and tests. I am just curious how close other doctors opinions are to those of my doctor's. I am a 66 year old caucasian male.

it depends on the test and on the range on the test.... PSA.... screening for prostate cancer.... below 4 is normal but if there is a big jump, such as 1.0 to 3.0 in a year, that is worrisome.......

A1C.... there is normal, typically below 6 on most scales then it is used as a marker to see how good your long term control is.

Cholesterol.... the lower the better.

Blood pressure in a diabetic..... perfect is 110/75.... we try to shoot for a little below 120/80 but that is a perfect goal......

Family, Internal Medicine, General Medical Questions

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