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Good Morning Doc,

Just to fill you on all the details. I am a 30 y/o male, 200 lbs caucasion male. I drink a few drink a few drinks a month, as well as a few cigerettes a month as well. Here are the issues Im having:

About 10 days ago, I started getting really congested, coughing up thick yellow stuff and running a fever. I used Mucinex D and Motrin/Tylenol for the fever. After a few days of not getting better, I ended up going to the Doctors. They performed a Chest X-Ray as well as a FLU swab, which both came back negative. Thats where I got Diagnosed with a URI and Sinusitis. I was put on Augmentin 875MG and given a Aubuteral Inhaler.

Fast forward to today(10 Days after initial Sickness), Fever has been done for 6 days, but Im still congested really bad. The coughing has went down and is not nearly as bad. The problem I am haing now is when I woke up to cough out some of the congestion in my chest, I coughed up some blood streaks along with the yellow mucus. It kind of startled and scared me. Is this normal with being sick with an infection? I feel 10 times better than when i first got sick, but I am concerned. I also have a deviated septum with a little post nasal drip as well. Could the Augmentin cause this as well? The chest xray came back clear, but what would be my next step. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If there is still some blood tinged yellow mucous, it doesn't sound like the sinus infection is gone... the deviated septum sometimes makes that more difficult.   I would consider another antibiotic plus a nasal decongestant.... you already tried "D" in mucinex d, which is sudafed.   I like using AFRIN nasal spray twice a day for up to a week.  I might try Levaquin as an antibiotic, barring allergies.   Plus, I would stop the smoking completely......

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