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I a, 53/female/diabetic-not good numbers at all...but I have been SO stressed with family stuff and I also have panic disorder and hypoertension, reflux, andhigh cholesterol. I have had for 3 weeks a feeling that both ears are stopped up and they do not pop at all when I hold and blow nose.  My breathing is clear and dry in spite of saline and I do have post nasal drip-I do not have headaches but I fel very dizzy daily with some vertigo so I stay in a lot. I used a Zpack 4 days ago was last dose. I tool Allegra 5 days and quit due to more foggy headed feelings than I could handle. I am very nervous and as far as I know BP does not pass 140/82(usually lessthan 120/80). I have used Auralgen for a week but stopped thinking it may make it all worse. Now I fear a brain problem or maybe a small stroke? What is your opinion>? ThoughI hate all these symptoms for 3 weeks it scares me to be forgetful and I feel like I am walking on a cloud. I take Lantus, Nexium, Zocor, Vitamin D3, Benicar Hct,glucatrolxl and clucopahe 1000mg twice a day-my liver enz been a littlr high-about 40 points each but no hepatitis and a little anemia from iron def anemia-post menopausal. Weigh 215-gained 13 pounds since Christmas but I do eat a lot

This sounds more sinus.....  I would get some AFRIN nose spray and use 2-3 times daily for up to a week and see if that helps clear things.....  I am not thrilled about ZPAK as a choice for sinus, but it can work.  

Then, when that is better, time to tighten up the diet..... the big issue with DM and weight gain is lowering the carbohydrate content.......   

Good luck with it.

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