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I assume sonograms are pretty much the same things as xrays except they only exert high frequency sound waves? I was wondering what a sonogram image really represents as far as dimensions? Should one assume that the lighter shade are more dense than the darker colors or simply closer to the surface? I ask because my sister has been sending around some of her sonogram images and I was thinking if I could make it gray scale and with use of some software (that I have yet to find) create a 3D model using the info in the sonogram to create depth, and then use my 3D printer to print out a model of the computer model. I am just not sure what qualities are captured in sonogram images.

I know enough about sonograms to be dangerous.... it is a little more complicated than density.......   

Soft tissue usually appears white and snowy.... a fluid filled organ/cyst appears darker.  A gall stone in the gallbladder appears whiter, and the echo below it (on other side of sono-transducer) casts a dark shadow.   

I am not sure if this helps or doesn't.... but I do like your idea.

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