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hi,  i'm a 60 y.o white male and over the past couple months i've been having pain in my ring fingers on both hands and inability to close my hands as in making a fist.  my right hand is worse than my left and i can only close my finger about 25%.  or 50% if i try to close it with my other hand until it hurts.  i work with my hands for a living and its starting to scare me.  i wanted to ask an ortho guy on this site but they are both on vacation so i hope you can tell me what are the possible causes for this and if it can be treated.  thank you very much.  p.s.  i'm  5 year post triple bypass surgery but my heart is doing well and all my current numbers are normal limits.

working with your hands may predispose you to arthritis and it may be progressive arthritis.

If you have nodules or scarring on the palms, I would wonder about dputryn's contractures.

I would try some anti-inflammatories like motrin and would also think an xray to look at the joints is reasonable to start.......

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