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For the last 2 weeks, I have felt like there is something in the back of my throat, like hair or something. it sounds gross but its the only way I can describe it. i have tried coughing/clearing my throat, gargelling, eating dry bread, and nothing gets rid of it. it doesnt affect my swallowing, just very annoying. I can feel it when i breath in through my mouth, and i can feel it there ALL the time. it wont go away.  what shud I do, and what do you think it could be?

this could be a minor viral infection and should get better soon.  Other possibilities are an allergic reaction..... something is irritating it.  I also wonder about some nighttime reflux where some stomach acid irritates the throat at night when you lay down.

You could try either some zantac 150 twice a day OR claritan 10 mg a day..... try one for a week then if that doesn't work, switch.  If not improving, get it checked.

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