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Dear Dr.Robert Borucki ,
I'm male,44 yrs,167.5cm height and weight 58kg.I'm eating much but not gain weight.weight is always lying 55 to 60 kg.I never take sugar,sweet and oily snack.I drank tea twice a day with sugar.recently taken blood test for diabetic,cholostrol,thyroid test not found anything iron level is low norml .my FERRITIN is  48.15 ng/ml (reference range is Males : 30 - 400 ng/ml). ZINC : 71.6 Microgm/dl (reference range is 70 - 150 Microgm/dl) . I'm exercising 1-2 hr in alternate days .pl tell me how to increase my weight and any further test i will have to take to find anything wrong in my system.

eating a little sugar is essential but not sufficient to gaining weight.... you have to have enough protein in your diet.  Your iron stores are pretty low, suggesting you aren't getting enough iron either...... increase some protein in your diet plus a multivitamin.....

Weight and muscle mass has many factors.... genetics and diet and exercise and some people are destined to be slim.

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