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For years I have got small BB sized bumps on my labia minora. They  eventually "pop" releasing pus and blood and then go away. They are usually painful. About a month ago this happened on the right side only this time it was quite a bit bigger, the size of a pencil eraser. It was very sore and actually became quite red, looked almost like a blood blister. It lasted for over 2 wks before it "popped". Less than a week after it popped I got another one, just as big on the left side. This one was just as painful and lasted just as long but just kinda went away. So now this week I've been on my period. I have found another bump on the outside of my labia majora, it was very sensitive to touch and I was able to pop it. Then when changing my tampon, I found yet another bump further back between my vagina and anus.

I am a 100% sure I don't have an STD. I take a hot bath daily, sometimes twice a day to help eliminate them.

Are these spreading when they "pop"? What are they? How do I stop from getting them?


These are hard to manage sometimes.... using an antibacterial soap daily, lathering up good cuts down on skin counts of these staph bacteria.  But there are many oil producing glands in that area that can get clogged and infected a little and cause this.   Sometimes cycling on and off antibiotics can help... talk to your doctor about it.

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