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Hey Doc. Thank you for your service. I' an otherwise healthy 40 y/o male. Non-smoker with no family history. I have had digestive issues for a decade. I take Zantac daily for heartburn. My digestive issues have come and gone over the years. Symtoms have included abdominal aches and pains, gas, fullness, heartburn, ect. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I went to my Gastro due to havine white "specks" in my stool for the last 18 months. Due to my travel abroad, I thought I might have parasites due to the length of time I have noticed them. A stool test was completed and the gastro said the stool was abnormal for excess fecal fat. I explanied that this has been going on for a yer and a half. Im having a CT scan of abdomen/pelvis in 2 weeks. The following symtoms have occured: crampy, quick colicky type pains in upper and lower abdomen, gas, stomach gurgleing belching, some loss of apetite, low back discomfort ( like a starined muscle when I bend over), tenderness in low back, tender low ribs on both sides ( same area on both sides and its the rib, itself). The abdominal pain I describe is quick, fleeting and crampy and not localized and includes the flanks. I feel like IM losing my mind and the CT has me a bit nervous. Do these odd symptoms sound like anything you have encountered?

from the description.... there are no parasites by the testing, so that is out.   I would wonder about a food intolerance causing some of the symptoms.   Milk/gluten, etc.   I think the workup is reasonable, but my suspicion is it may come down to modifying the diet.... a little at a time to see what helps....

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