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hi, my 10 year old got her ears pierced over 5 months ago. One ear always seems to have an issue with bleeding when we take them out to clean (not all of the time, but more often than not).  We take them out twice per week for sea salt soaks, and once per day we use the cleanser the piercer gave us. Today, both ears are bleeding some. She is still wearing the original piercers they told us to leave in that are supposed to be the quality of gold that most people can tolerate.  Could it be she is allergic to the metal?

What do you recommend we do at this point?  would another metal help?  I hate to close them up and then down the road she will be wanting them as she gets older.


it could be allergic, but most of the time the area around the holes gets red and scaly a little with allergies.   The skin has to regrow the length of the hole-thru the ear, sometimes it takes longer.  If it doesn't look red or infected, then I would keep doing what she is doing for now and it should eventually close in.

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