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Almost three weeks ago I started having bad tingling and burning when I looked down.  My lower back and neck hurt quite bad.  I went to a Dr. who I was not impressed with at all.  She spent ten minutes looking things up on a computer and told me I need MRIs post haste!  She wouldn't answer any of my questions so I sought a second opinion.  The second person was just the opposite, he didn't want to order anything.  He said it was just a back ache and ordered me steroids.  I took the steroids but got worse. I even went to the ER and was sent home to just follow the steroid order of the Dr.  I am waiting to get into a neuro now but I am starting to freak out!  I see horrible things online. I am mad at myself for not getting the MRI "post haste" like the first Dr. suggested but I can't go back in time now.  I do have a scheduled MRI of my lower back but I feel this is coming from my neck!
 Any thoughts?  Where do I go from here?  I can't see a neuro for another ten days!  I could be paralyzed by then!!!

well, I think the first order of business is to get the MRI..... talk to the original doctor.... tell her you didn't want it then but want it now.....   that would be the easiest way to get the imaging study.....   it has been going on for weeks, so a couple days won't make a big difference......   Your first doctor will understand....

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