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I have been feeling ill for the past 2 years on and off. Symptoms include low grade fever, fatigue, as well as aches and pains. These symptoms lasted for days to weeks with day/weeks/month gaps where I felt better. I have been treated for a swollen sternum and IBM and ulcers but have been healthy since. My family history does not help me out. Every female on my mothers side has at least one auto immune disease. My mother has systemic lupus erythmatosus, my sister has aplastic anemia, my grandmother has fibromyalgia and poly arthritis.

Two months ago my symptoms became constant. I was achy every night with a fever. My mother was worried because my symptoms mirrored that of her early stages of lupus. I went to the doctor for blood tests. My tests came back fine except my B12 was a mere 200. I was prescribed B12 shots for 6 weeks in which time I was told I would feel a lot better and we would begin getting to the bottom of why my counts were so low.

I have been receiving the B12 shots but still feel horrible every night. My mother is worried that I additionally have lupus as it took her 2 years to be diagnosed as her blood tests kept coming back negative. Is this a possibility? My doctor gave me the impression I was out of the woods with lupus. Are there any other auto immune disease that are paired with low B12?

I have been doing research on the Internet with mixed results.

Any input you can lend would be very helpful.

Thank you so much!

B12 is essential, but if you aren't improved, that wasn't the big problem.....  nothing paired with B12, but I would have a complete autoimmune or connective tissue disease workup.  I assume you had thyroid test that were normal already..... good luck with it.

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