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I got really sick last summer and it was quite strange, and to this day I'm not 100% sure what it was. I was 26, female, a smoker, and besides hypertension, in good health.

Late last July, I came down with Strep Throat. The culture went to the lab and came back it was Group A Strep so I went on a round of antibiotics. About a week after I finished the antibiotics, I started to get constant migraines. I wound up going to the hospital and they gave me a spinal tap to make sure it wasn't meningitis, which led to a whole mess of problems (cerebralspinal fluid leak and a blood patch).

The night after the blood patch, I spiked a really high fever (103.6 F) so I went back out to the hospital. They told me I was fine and to take Advil & Tylenol to lower the fever. I ended up going back out to the hospital twice over an 8-day span because the fever wouldn't break and I was getting weak and dehydrated. I also noticed these purple rash-like splotches on my arms but they kept telling me it was just a viral infection.

I was having these really wild fever dreams, would get extreme chills, wouldn't sweat, and the fever would constantly run at 102+ unless I took 800mg of ibuprofen and 1000mg of acetaminophen every four hours on the dot. I was so weak I could barely move, so after 10 days of running the fever, I decided to get a second opinion.

I went to another hospital emergency room the next county over where they did a full range of tests on me. The doctor told me it was mono, but I advised him that I had mono when I was 17 and since this was nothing like that, I doubted that's what it was. The doctor gave me an IV of antibiotics along with saline and a prescription to take home with me. I can't remember what it was now but I want to say it was one of the -cillin medicines for the prescription and whatever the IV antibiotic was had a green color to it.

After a few days on the antibiotics, the fever finally broke. A while after that, the skin on my fingers and feet started peeling off in sheets. It didn't hurt or anything but it was rather bizarre. I was still exhausted for a few weeks after the fever broke and it took about 2 months for me to get fully back to normal.

The doctor at the hospital never exactly told me what it was that I had. I'm positive it wasn't Mono because it was nothing like it was the first time I had it and mono is a virus anyway; antibiotics won't treat it. What do you think it was?

There is a strep throat like illness that is caused by another bacteria, relatively uncommon, but causes worse symptoms, sometimes requires hospitalization..... it sounds like that, but it is hard to tell after the fact, since no testing was definitive.   I am gad you are doing better.

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