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The soles of my feet started hurting about 2 months ago, then I noticed that my entire leg muscles both felt really tight and overworked like I had been running a marathon. It makes movement painful. Nothing is swollen and nothing hurts except bottoms of feet, but my tendons in my back of my leg/ankle achilles?, and my knees are started to hurt but only when bending. I haven't been stretching but who do I go for this? what is going on? No other pain, no joint pain except one finger that I have had arthritis in for a while in the MCP joint. It feels as if i am working out too hard the day before but I'm not working out.

it sounds like plantar fasciitis.... ice to the bottom of the feet at the end of the day; stretching for a minute each foot twice a day by putting the toes/front of foot on a step and pushing... and sometimes inserts for your shoes... additional padding helps.... along with some motrin.

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