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I recently lost a lot of weight because I was sick. Now that I feel better I worry about gaining the weight back (I am overweight) so I have started to use an elliptical.

About 6 years ago I got bit by a dog, a German Shepard. The bite is just above my left knee. It was like a big pinch, when it was being cleaned out the water was being "shot in" one wound it would come out the other (there were only two punctures). There are areas of the scar that I don't feel and there are areas that are extremely sensitive to pressure, it will also swell if I am on my knees for a long time or get up and down a lot.

Over the last few days I have painted my bathroom, so there was a lot of up and down. I also started to use the elliptical. I noticed the swelling which isn't new so I wasn't concerned, but now there is also pain in the area of the scar. Will this go away over time, like any muscle pain when you introduce exercise? Is there something I can do to alleviate the pain other that OTC pain meds I am not suppose to take them.


Does the otc pain med relieve the pain?    It sounds like the dogbite probably damaged some nerve/muscle tissue and you are left with some pain..... those problems can be difficult to manage.... there are chronic meds that can help alleviate it..... depending on how far you want to go, some pain specialists can inject the area to put some of the nerves to sleep permanently, replacing the pain with some local numbness......   It may pay to talk to your doctor and maybe get referred to a pain specialist to see if they can intervene.

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