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Hi I am hoping you can help me navigate this.  I am a 36 year old mom of 4 and got sick before Christmas.  I had really bad muscle aches and fever.  I got better and noticed my pinkie finger felt stiff during the middle of the day.  Then on NYE I noticed 3 small bites and a rash.  I have a picture of it, it was not a bullseye.  Then 2 weeks later while goofing off with my daughter the soles of my feet started hurting.  My legs from my feet to my quad felt overworked like I had been running a marathon.  I had stiffness with one hand that still occurs with one finger in an isolated joint and possibly the other but that resolved.  My knees now hurt but only when using stairs and I was told by a chiropractor that it is due to my feet and the tightness of the muscles in my entire leg.  My doctor did all the screens nothing came back positive except ANA and she sees that the feet etc are not indicative of an AI so I go back in 6 months to retest or see if there are any new symptoms.  But what do I make of this new new pain, I have tendonitis in my achilles, my knees according to my new chiropractor, and my wrist from when my youngest was born which I believe is due to overuse since my right hands has been hurt in an injury.  I can't navigate this process.  My GP said that we'd see what progresses but she does not think my feet are related to my presenting joint stiffness and without any other telltale symptoms of an AI says it's wait and see.  Without taking into account anything that is happening in my lower body, I only have one joint (MP) in index that is stiff in the morning and she said that is not common in AI.
I began seeing a functional medicine doctor who has done some bloodwork, taken a stool sample and now I start an elimination diet.  So we'll see if that helps.
My issue is that I feel lost.  I feel as if I don't know where to go or who to talk to?  So I found this site and found you.  I am taking 800 mg ibuprofen for my knees so any other random pain is easily contained.  Right now if my knees and feet were fixed I'd feel 100%.  I should say I am not an active exerciser but I was trying to get back in to it when my feet started hurting.  I am overweight and I would rather be barefeet than in shoes until now.  So my feet haven't been well supported etc.  
Should I assume my GP is right and stop self-diagnosing and see if the chiro or ortho can fix my lower body pain?  Then wait and see if any new symptoms start that would indicate an AI? Should I self-refer to a Rheumy?  I was told that they wouldn't do anything differently since my symptoms aren't AI indicative?  
The sticking point is that my pain started as tight muscles in my legs and then the joint pain was only one joint.  Please help me navigate this?
My symptoms:
tight leg muscles
foot pain
knee pain on stairs
1 wrist
1 finger joint same hand
No rash, no GERD, no raynaud's, etc.

I would make sure you had normal thyroid function testing.  And I would want to know that a sed rate was normal (ESR)   If that is normal, then I think you have the choice to wait or you could ask your primary doctor to send you to a rheumatologist..... but if the sed rate is negative, it is less likely they will find anything.

I hope this helps....

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