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Hi Doc, Not long ago, past year, my wife took the kids out of state to a clinic that tested for Pyroluria. She got scripts for all of them for vitamins. The visit and ongoing vites are very expensive, cost 1000's. She believes the whole family has it. I'm the skeptical one. After reading up about it, seems like anyone can be diagnosed with that. The kids will not take the vitamins, as they are big capsules and won't swallow them. I try to support her, but I just am not convinced about this. Can you give me some insight to this thing? Our regular doc, her's/mine same, told her she was overreacting and not to self diagnose, which I agreed with. My doc takes all blood etc from me, not a word about this Pyroluria. Thanks for shedding some light.

I hate to say the but orthomolecular biology, at this point, is very questionable..... personally, I don't buy the pyroluria diagnosis as a real disease, causing anything.  

Sometimes fringe doctors come up with new concepts.... but I don't think so in this case......

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