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Family, Internal Medicine, General Medical Questions/Since when is the lower GI tract connected to the respiratory system?


I am a 61 year old asthma sufferer.  My asthma is currently (somewhat) under control.  I haven't had a full attack in 4 years, although my chest will get tight every once in a while upon exertion.  Lately...just before that happens I will have a bout with painful abdominal cramps and lower back pain then I'll get diarrhea  My questions are...

1. Are these “additional” symptoms “normal”?
2. Are they actually related to the asthma or is it just a crazy coincidence?  
3. If they are “normal” and related to the asthma....would you please explain how and why?    (because, for the life of me I can't figure out the physiological connection.)

1) no

2) not related to asthma, but could be a common link with another problem setting of asthma and diarrhea.... I would mention it to your doctor and consider a GI consult.  It could be a food allergy/intolerance setting off the asthma and the GI problems.

3)   not normal, not directly related.

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