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I wasn't able to find any experts in the throat, ear, nose section. :( I've noticed since my late 20's and into my early 30's that breathing and even clearing my throat is not nearly as smooth a process as it used to be. Is there a special way someone can take care of their throat to make sure it is healing more than it is being damaged from day to day life? It seems into adulthood it has changed and become more complicated in shape and become harder to work with. I eat food a lot more cautiously now for fear of choking uncontrolably on something.

well, that is a complicated area... taking care of it (from what we know) involves a few things..... avoid any type of tobacco products.... they cause throat cancers in addition to other illnesses.   Avoid heavy hard liquor drinking..... also a risk factor for cancer.

GERD- reflux disease can injury/damage throats if it is chronic.  There are several things you can do for that if it is occurring.

I hope this helps.  

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