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Hi I am a male aged 31, I have had 2 episodes of discharge from the umbilicus since the last 2 years which occured with a gap of 1 year between episodes. Each time the pain and discharge have stopped after a course of antibiotic treatment, however I just had an episode 2 weeks ago and went to a surgeon who ordered an ultrasound of the abdomen and an x-ray fistulogram. The ultrasound was completely normal whereas the x- ray fistulogram showed a small sinus tract with NO communication to the bowels whatsoever or presenceof any fistula. The surgeon prescribed antibiotics which have stopped the discharge, he has also suggested surgery as a permanent solution. I was wondering I have never had this problem 30 years of my life, why has it occured now and is surgery absolutely necessary or if at all the problem recurs will conservative/antibiotic treatment suffice. I would be very thankful for your advice. I am very uncomfortable with surgery, please suggest what options there is. Thank you.

so you have a remnant or your omphalomesenteric duct--- connection between the umbilical cord that has not quite gone away.   Make sure your surgeon has proven you don't have a meckel's diverticulum.   This is something that needs to be treated by a surgeon, not a primary care doc who simply pops the cyst on the belly button.  It may be a more complicated surgery.   Be thankful that this hasn't bugged you for years........   some people get intermittent pain/rectal bleeding until it is sorted out.........  

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